Monday, 10 April 2017

Weekend Walks

We had a very busy Saturday, firstly Team Bride tried on their bridesmaid dresses, fortunately mine needs no alterations.  I have my shoes, wrap and stockings, I just need to squeeze in a hair cut and a visit to the brow bar.  The plans for the Crafternoon Hen Party are coming together, which is less than a month away and the Wedding is about 6 weeks away.  This week I need to crack on with the hen invites.

Next was a trip to the dog home boarding carer who will be dog sitting Fergus on the day of the Wedding.  We were very happy with the place and the lady was lovely, she has her own dog and only ever dog sits for a maximum of 4 dogs.  It really is a home from home.  My parents's dog, Buddy is also going there so Fergus will have a friend he knows.  There were three dogs on Saturday and Fergus was slightly over-whelmed, hiding behind us on the sofa but he soon made friends with other dog, especially the Pug.

We stopped on the way home to eat our picnic and this is where I took this photo of Fergus.  We also went for a wander around Ely, it's a pretty little market town not far from us.

Sunday was a quiet day although I had the migraine from hell so was quite out of sorts, so no crafting just lots of dozing! Difficult for someone who is constantly busy, I don't really do resting.

I hope your Monday has been a good one and I will see you Wednesday.  Creative Blessings.  x


  1. oh my you sound so busy at the moment-love the pic of Fergus-hope your feeling better,I used to suffer migraines and fingers crossed not had one for a while
    Carol x

  2. I think you have more hours in your day than anyone else I know.
    Sounds like a perfect Saturday out and about in the beautiful sunshine and the first picnic of 2017 x beautiful photos. Fergus seem like his enjoying the sunshine as well x


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